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    F/S - Kawasaki 750SXI Vilder Racing Ignition + Skat Trak Impeller

    Hello Hello Everyone, Just cleaning out the garage and selling off a bunch of parts I have laying around for the old Kawasaki 750SXI. Honestly the Jeep has been giving me a lot of troubles lately so I thought I might add I need cash to fix it up, if not I will be riding without cruze control for awhile... Heh Heh.

    1. Vilder Racing Ignition includes all nessary hardware + CD. - Purple Pro model. These are very hard to come by. - $175.

    Skat Trak Impeller 9-17. - $60.

    NOTE! I NEED TO CASH TO FIX MY TRUCK!!! I am willing to do both to get rid of everything for $200- Cash - That saves you $35 if you where to buy one or the other at different times. If you want something seperate then the prices are shown above.

    Serious inquires only! DO NOT BOTHER ME IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN THE PRICES I LISTED!!! Thanks for your interest and time, Please feel free to comment, PM me, or email me at [email protected] if you are interested in anything or have any further questions. Thanks for your time,

    P/S - I am willing to ship or local pick-ups are welcome. I live in Orlando Florida.

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    Does the Imp. work for a 92 ss750?

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    I am not sure, I dont really know that much about which parts are switchable on PWC. Maybe with some research you could find someone that could tell you on this web site. Email me back if you are still interested [email protected] Thanks for your time,

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