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    Need quick answer,if possible maybe about to purchase a ski!

    1999 sea doo bombardier, 3 seater, unknown model#.

    ski has 250 hrs, starts and runs, but boggs down when put in the water. Comestically ski is in great shape and has a great trailer. Firend told me this, i have not seen it. Divorce situation and owner needs money for it asap.

    Wondering if this sounds like a common, quick, or cheap fix, i can do myself.

    Appreciate any input in advance. mIght purchase it tonight.

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    thanks for the return message beerdart!

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    Beerdart says maybe just carb problem, anyone else?

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    probably a fuel problem, aka the carbs. but would be a good idea to doa copression check just to makesure nothin major wrong with the engine, should see 150-160 psi in both cylinders. if its a bit lower its ok, as long as both jugs are similar, within 3-5 psi. unless both are reading 110, the ski probably just needs a tuneup.

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    It could be carbed or fuel injected.

    The three seaters in '99 were:

    GTXL-Awsome boat with a carbed 951. Fast, stable, handles well, fun.

    GTX-RFI-Same hull as GTXL but with 787-RFI engine, still good, but slower.

    GTI-Same hull as above with a carb 717. Crazy slow.

    GTS-First generation GT hull, flat, stable, kind of ugly (IMO) with a carbed 717,

    If it is a carbed boat it could be a simple matter of cleaning the fuel system and replacing the fuel lines.

    If it is an RFI it could be complicated and expensive to fix.

    As lex said, a compression test will give you a good idea of the health of the engine.

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