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    Gp1200r Modification advice

    I wanted some advice on what modifications to have completed on my 2002 Gp1200r. It is stock as of now besides a M-line seat cover - and Completely shaved of stickers and graphics with painted black side cowls. I live on Lake Lanier in GA and the lake is only choppy on holidays and prime time weekends.
    I have been lurkin around these forums off and on for some time now and it is extremely interesting the amount of knowledge all you guys have about these GPRs.

    I Won't be doing the work myself as I have 0 time to do so. My goal is to get all I can get out of my boat without having to use an octane gas higher then what they sell at the gas pump.

    I have used the search function and have tried to collect some information. I have made a list of some of the things I should order and have installed: If any of you can chime in and and comment on a particular item I chose that would be phenom.

    Going for top speed (not glass water - on the lake - minor chop)

    Riva ride plate with Jimís FF mod (order it from him)
    SS 800 Grate (I see alot of comment about this -hear it is the safest and best for speed and minimal chop)
    Solas Dynafly 14/20 pitched to 24 (better than the concords?)
    Advent ignition
    Riva Flame Arrestor
    Riva Reed Stuffers
    Riva Cylinder Head 41cc
    D-Plate Riva
    Cat sensor chip
    Riva Pump seal kit
    Riva Pump cone (???) Have heard this is not a significant modification
    Riva EFI control Unit
    Riva Trim Tabs
    Pump tunnel reinforcement
    Riva pro series sponsons.
    R&D Steering Nozzle

    05í yami HP pump (see lots of comments about this, but have yet to find an explanation of exactly what it does)

    I'd like to do everything at one time so I can have it installed, launch....test...take back if needed, re-tune...launch and be done with it. (I know I know, it's a disease and I will never be done with it)

    I know it can get annoying sometimes to help us newbies out. I have been riding skiis for 15 years but have never felt the need to upgrade...I believe i'm due.

    Have a great Day guys and look forward to hearing you advice, flames, or inbetween comments

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    riva efi controller? isnt it a carb ski?, not efi

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    I'm not being rude so don't take this the wrong way but if you are going to buy all those parts & then pay someone to install them & tune it you are looking at spending some serious coin.
    You would be better off buying something like this
    then selling your 1200, you would save yourself a heap of cash & a lot of headaches.
    Besides once you spent all that time & money on your 1200 you would probably get over it being a 1200 & want to go bigger anyway.
    The Riva EFI control Unit is not needed as the 1200 is carbed.
    Good luck.

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    I would get ahold of unishippers(forum member) crate it up and send to Jims Performance in Tampa, wait a couple weeks take a drive down there go test your ski with him and leave very very happy

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