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    Water and Electricity don't mix, IMO!

    Ok, I do believe in people going more "green", but I love my 2-stroke skis!! Interesting idea though, check it out...

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    I think it was a good video. I never saw it top 20mph though?

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    A couple of years back, I priced out what it would take to build the equivalent torque of a 200-300hp electric ski. There are parts out there for such a project, including specific motor controllers, switchers to go from serial to parallel (almost like a transmission shifting gears) correct battery types, recharging system, batteries, etc...

    In short, it's very doable, if you indulge yourself in the EV market, and do some homework.

    I think my paper-budget had grown to around $25,000 when i decided to pull the plug and look elsewhere for fun.

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    There is no doubt that electric can be far superior to a gas powered ski, in terms of reliability as well as performance. Electric motors have very very flat torque curves, and are generally damn near a flat line from 0 rpm all the way up to peak speed. Its no problem getting a few hundred HP and making it go fast, its all about making it go fast for more than a few miles, lol... Battery tech is far too poor to make a electric ski practical. Its possible, but very very expensive.

    The only thing that I dont like is.... Its nearly silent....Ew.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZOMGVTEK View Post
    ...The only thing that I don't like is.... Its nearly silent...
    For me, that would be the best part!

    Being able to hear the water running under the hull, and the world around me, without having to shut the engine down just to talk to someone nearby.

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    But the TDR made my ski sound oohhhhh soo nice!

    She really purrs at WOT, and by that I mean its insanely loud.

    I could see the use for a silent craft, but it wouldnt be my primary...

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    Zero emissions my azz...where does he think that electricity comes from to charge it? Usually from a coal burning powerplant....cough, cough.

    Totally agree with density (=energy/{mass/volume}) of batteries is way less than gasoline. This has been proven time and again with full-electric autos. Their biggest problem is their range, or lack thereof.

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    Lack of speed is it's downfall for me.

    Did you see how it took off??

    Looks like 0-60 in 5.6 MINUTES

    And then he was trying to lift the handlebars to jump that little wake coming in? Would never make it in rough waters.

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    We used to have a funny saying about a slow car. "The only thing that can beat is walking!" (Swimming, in this case)

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    Well yea... if that is seriously WOT, thats super useless.

    They claim some outrageous runtime on this thing... So its probably super slow and heavy.

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