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    Purpose/benefits of UMI steering

    I have been thinking to add the UMI steering to my ski, but before spending the big bucks on it I wanted to find out more information on it.
    What is the purpose and benefits to adding it? I have looked through the threads, but didn't find any useful information.

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    Hi Gus. I know that there is a big diff between the xp and xt but the umi gets you into a more aggresive position up front on the ski and gives very precise steering. It also changes how the bars turn. They turn much flatter like a bike as opposed to turning like a steering wheel in your car. My pal has it on his race prepared rxp with dropped sponsons and i can tell you now it is the best handeling ski i have been on. It goes exactly where you want it to everytime. No matter what conditions could be sea chop to flat lake or race conditions. I have dropped my sponsons now and i can say that doing this is without doubt the best handeling mod you can do to the P. I know that the UMI is not for every1 coz it is more aimed at tuning hard and precisely ie. CC racing but read any threads with UMI being mentioned and most will be saying that it is the best mod they have done. Also I belive that UMI have stopped making these systems so they are getting harder to get. Jerry has them and a board member SCR has 1 that is brand new. I belive he wants to sell. If it were me I would get it. R88

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