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    95 HX runs for 5 secs. then cuts off.

    Plese help. I have a 95 HX 720 that has ran great all summer. I took it out last weekend and it ran fine for 5 min then it started to die every 5 seconds. It will start right back up and then cut off after 5 secs.

    I got back to shore and sometimes the start/stop switch does nothing and sometimes it starts it but it will only run for a few seconds(maybe 20 max) no matter what rpm it is at, then it will cut off again.

    It is not stalling out it is lossing electrical power.

    Anyone have any idea what this could be? no blown fuses.

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    Start with a new Lanyard Cap to hold the Safety Switch Button completely down. Those Switches cost over $100 (I am not kidding !) so be careful with it. They cant be easily rebuilt.


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    Bad lanyard post

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    '95 HX dosn't have a Lanyard Post (no DESS)

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    My 95xp had the wires corode right at the lanyard switch it looked good to the eye then I touched it and the wire fell right off I check that first

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