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    Traveling with the to secure it?


    I have a trailer lock, but a buddy of mine had his ski stolen in Key West. He stayed at a hotel and they even had it on video tape. He said it literally took them 45 seconds to roll up, freon the lock, smash it with a sledge, swap his trailer over and roll out.

    So, I'm actually thinking about taking along a set of jack stands and my jack. At the end of the day when I park at the hotel, I'll yank the wheels off the trailer and leave it on jackstands (and locked to my hitch).

    I would THINK that would be enough to encourage them to steal someone else's ski (after all, anti theft is really about deterrence, not actually stopping them.....if they want to steal your ski, chances are, they'll steal it, you just have to make it more difficult than the next guy).

    The other thing I'm doing is getting comprehensive insurance. I only had collision before, as I own my home and if it gets stolen from there, it's covered under my homeowner's policy.

    Allstate quoted me $260/year for a practically brand new 07 RXT (is this a good price?)

    What other thoughts/techniques do you guys have out there to keep thieves from running off with your ski?

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    I think your homeowner's will only cover $1000 AFTER your deductible. Your policy on your tow vehicle if I read your post correctly won't cover the theft of the boat I think. Get watercraft insurance. It's about $260. Make sure where the policy covers theft. I've read that if you live in an apartment complex and park it in the complex lot it isn't covered but if you park it on the street it's covered.

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    it depends on how much trouble you are willing to go to , I will shoot you a pm

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    Fatty, there was a thread on here a while back regarding PWC insurance. It was a good discussion... you should find it and research your PWC insurance options. Some companies will not insure machines w/mods - others will. I don't know your ride, so this is just some FYI if it applies. Good luck.

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    There are also a few threads about securing the ski to the trailer, try searching for them.

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    If a thief wants your ski bad enough , he'll go to great lengths to get it. Fortunately, most thieves are lazy.

    I always leave my trailer locked on the ball, run a chain thru the wheels and frame, then run a cable thru the intake and around the driveshaft locking it to the trailer. Most importantly I always park them where I can physically see them and hear if someone in messing with them, even if it means demanding a certain side of a hotel etc. For the boldest of thieves I carry a Taurus Judge.

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    I have considered Claymores, but the state seems to frown on that. Besides, it might get blood on my tow vehicle.

    A cable though the wheels makes me feel better but if they are equipped they will cut it just like the lock.

    Thieves suck butt.

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    Just unbolt the coupler and leave it intact to the tongue of the trailer. If the thievs try to drive off with the ski, they will end up only taking the coupler and the tongue of the trailer will fall to the ground. Unless the thieves have the correct size bolts, or can get real creative real fast, they will leave the trailer/ski.

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    claymores? i run a chain through the wheel... seems to work...but the crime rate isn't to high where i ride... i also chain the grate to the trailer.... if the want it they will get it... also i like to leave it hooked to the truck and backed all the way up to the curb, so if they do decide to steal it they're going to have a hell of a time seperating it from the truck

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    I do the listed things above but also try to park next to a wall on one side and back all the way up so if would be really hard to even move the trailer if it got seperated from the truck. Also if your riding with friends or someone has another car have them park on the other side of you. This way your ski has a car on one side, a wall behind it and to the side and your truck infront. It would have to be picked up and carried over cars which is not going to happen. I have also put the ski in a corner and parked my truck right next to it boxing it in

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