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    Missing Fuel restrictor?

    96 slt 780, triple outlet pump, new fuel lines, pitcock cleaned o-ring replaced.

    Just replaced fuel lines on my ski, whoever owned it before did not put restrictor in the return line. I know I need it for pressure, but will a small in line filter of some sort work. not sure about the size of the opening in the restrictor, does not seem the filter I have would have a small enough orfice to create pressure needed?

    Also is this still part available new or can I use something else in its place.

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    I don't know for sure, or I'd answer your Q. But try the tech section and the manual for your fuel sys. will be there. Also do a thread search. I have seen pix of parts guys have used for these, diameter suggestions and all. Just dont remember where. These guys will let you know though. There hasn't been a question I've had that wasn't answered.
    And they are the right answers, which maters most!! Good luck, Rod.

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    I think your PTO carb has a built in restrictor, and there should be no additional restrictor in the fuel lines. You can simply unclamp the return line on the carb and see if its a tiny hole in there, or a large one.

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    Thanks, I'll check these suggestions and post what I find out. Just trying to have all the little things I've read about in these theads done before I fire her back up.


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    780 carbs have it built in. You will not have one installed in the fuel lines.

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