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    stx15f Speedometer

    I have an 04 STX15f and the speedometer is way off. It says I'm doing almost 100mph. Sometimes more. I wish!!! It's been this way for a year or twoand I only have about 40 hours on it. I already replaced the wheel assembly on the back of the ski. Any other ideas before I have to buy the dash? I find it hard to believe the dash would of been bad after 2 or 3 years of use.

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    Could it be set to the Kilometer mode?

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    I'm thinking the same way roto.. I would check to make sure its not set to km's... Haven't heard of many guages freaking out like that .. but then again when it comes to electrical stuff anything is possible

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    Thanks everyone. I hate to admit it, but it was set to km. I'm hoping that solves it. I'm sure it will. Don't I feel like a big dummy. O well, I live and learn. We'll see once I get it out in the water. Thanks again.

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    lol!!! Its good that you didnt spend money on a new meter

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