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    Runs great, hardto start won't idle

    I bought a 1996 sp basic ski from a guy that said it ran good and it does once you get it started. To start it, I have to pull the choke in and out while holding down the starter button. Once started you have to hit the throttle before it dies. I have to keep goosing the throttle at docking speeds to keep it from dying. If it dies, it's a pain to start again. It would be great if it was easy to start and would idle without dying,or maybe I am expecting too much. HELP PLEASE.

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    Try new plugs as it can not hurt. While you are at it pull the boots off the wires and trim them back a couple of mm to get a fresh connection.

    This may be your problem...


    Likely it is a fuel problem and you will need to go to clean out the entire fuel system, including the carb/carbs (it could be single or duel that year).

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    Problem is sysmatic of needle & seat leakage.

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