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    96 787 won't turn over

    dig gauges has no power ? power to starter ok , ground ok , what should i be looking for next ? won't turn over ether !

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    Have you checked *all* your fuses ?

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    where do i find them?

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    More info plz.

    Does the starter solenoid click?
    Do you have power to the positive terminal on the starter or did you measure that somewhere else?

    Does the starter kick out at all? does it grind? does it spin but not kick out? Does it hum but not do anything when you try to start it? Have you tried banging on it while trying to turn the ski over?

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    no nothing at all, it does nothing an theres no power to the gauges either ! the battery is good , im wondering if its a fuse but where is it on this seadoo?

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