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    engine seized now wont start

    ok so i took my 97 spx out for the first time after its top end rebuild and after about 20 mins of riding ,i seized the engine,i think it was mainly because the carbs werent set correctly ,because my spark plugs were white from a lean condition..Well anyways ive installed new pistons,reset the rotary valve ,buttoned it all back up,and now the solenoid just clicks ,i cant get the starter to work,ive tried three new batteries and thats definately not the problem.i checked the ground cable that seemed fine.all fuses look great too..its weird that this problem happened because of the piston seize,the engine rotates freely but i just cant get anything but a click,,what the heck can be going on...

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    Crappy battery connection is first thing to look at. Sounds like not enough current is getting to starter motor.

    Then bridge out solenoid terminals to see if the motor gets kicked into moving. put plug supressor caps on the retainer before hand though, or it may start and run for you.

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    i bridged out the terminals and got nothing..its so weird,could my starter have went when i seized the engine??

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    As long as you are sure the cable connections are all good from the solenoid, and the earth lead is a good connection.

    what you have done is bridged the solenoid connection, but still not proved the terminal connection is good. There could be a problem from -ve to ground connection, and +ve to solenoid post.

    I would look at the big cable connections, and remove, clean and re-connect to be sure though. Corrosion does get in there, and not always visible to the naked eye.

    Just double check the power connections to the battery are tight. Grab them and give them a twist to make sure.

    Then if it all is to no avail, take off the starter(pita to get to), and connect it to the battery on the bench, and see if it tries to jump out of your hands, if so, the starter is ok.

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    Does the engine turn over by hand with the plugs out?

    -if no, remove the pump & try again.

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    yes the motor works if i twist the shaft by hand...

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    fixed it!!! i took starter apart and the little copper wire inside it was nearly frayed apart,luckily i had some parts of another starter laying around,so i soldered them on,and installed it,then she turned right over..I wouldve never guessed that one in a million years..

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