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    Just bought a waveblaster 2...few questions

    Whats up guys? Newbie here to the board. I bought this 96 waveblaster II to use mostly in the surf. I did a search a read up on a few things and came across a thread about getting a trim kit for the ski for the surf. What exactly is a trim kit and what does it do?

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    A trim kit will point the nozzle up and down. If I remember correctly, they came stock on the 1997 version so you might be able to install it on yours. Have a look at a parts diagram on the net to see.

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    Thanks for the reply. Anyone have any leads were i can find some?

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    if you find one for the gp760 with the 144mm pump it should all direct fit .. (grab the whole bar and cover if you can as the cover is shorter on the left side ,for control clearence , unless you got aftermarket bars, then no prob)

    you will need all the controls and cables at the handle bar, the gimble assembly itself and the bowl nozzel that the gimble mounts to as its drilled for the vertical pivot...(yours prob is not..)

    the gp1200's will work also, except the 155mm bowl,and directional nozzel (dir. nozl. would work except its outlet diam. is larger than the 144's nozzel and not as responsive).. gimble is the same #

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    ok, thanks ill keep my eye open for one. I do have umi bars on mine.

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