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Thread: carb screws

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    carb screws

    what can i do if the sleeve for the carb screw has been stripped?

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    Drill and tap to the next biggest size. Remember, it does not have to be metric. If the blind hole is completely stripped, you may already have the perfect size hole for the next size metric/imperial size tap.

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    Helicoil/Recoil it? What screw are you talking about?

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    smells like

    new carb to me...there's only a few screws you can "fix"..and even then I'd be sniffing aound for a replacement carb if possible and affordable

    maybe it's one of the easy one..let's see which one it actually is.

    I suspect it's a slow adjustment screw...

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    what about taking a dremeland making a slot for a standard screwdriver, i've done it before on a smaller screw like a carb screw and it worked fine

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