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    Need some help... 97 XP.. starting issues...

    I need some help....

    I recently took the ski down to Ft. Lauderdale for the first time this season... when i tried starting them for the first time this season they both started...but the VTS was not working. we took them down and had fun on them for a day. we tried to take them out the next day.. but the ski would not start... when the lanyard was attatched, it would beep twice but you could not start it with the button... i verified the battery was good.. checked the 5A fuse... it was good... and that the starter was working by bypassing the solenoid. I replaced the starter button and the ski started. i went out today to go flush it and it is doing the same thing again.... when the lanyard is attatched, 2 beeps, but no starting... i took the lanyard off and plugged it back in.. this time when i plugged it back in i didnt get any beeps. i checked the fuses again and this time the 5A fuse was blown. i replaced it and now i am back to 2 beeps but no starting... i took the lanyard off and replaced and same thing... 2 beeps but not starting. the 5A is staying fine. i checked the switch by using my multimeter and attaching to the yellow red wire, and grounding near the solenoid. its saying that this switch is no longer working now, it was working just yesterday.... if the 5A fuse is fine and NOT blowing, and it beeps when the lanyard attatched, does that mean that the MPEM is still good? or could it be bad even though the fuse is NOT blowing and i am getting the 2 beeps? i may try bypassing just the starter button and not the solenoid. and see if it truly is the button. the only thing that has me thinking its the MPEM is that i did replace the 7.5A VTS fuse and when i did this... it let the magical smoke out of the back of the ski coming from what i beleive to be the VTS module. the VTS motor is fine... i verified it and it is working. the motor is currently unhooked from the VTS module.

    So what say you???

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    bump for a hopeful response.....

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    not sure where to start with this.

    You need to stop trying to do everything at once. Verify that each item works one at a time.

    Pull the start button wires and use the DMM to ensure that it is working. Jump the solenoid or check it with the DMM to ensure it is working (replace if you need)

    After that check the grounds and connections.

    Also your manual has diagnostics for testing each item including the mpem. Trying do that. (when magic things start working and not working it is prob your mpem.)

    You need to try to narrow down where the problem is.
    hope this helps...

    Get back to us when you try and ensure things are working or not.


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    I have already ensured that the switch was working when i replaced the old one with this one. I also verified that the starter was working by jumping the solenoid.

    I checked the lower right hand connector going into the box in the front of the ski. this connector has the starter button running through it... some of the terminals were corroded... I cleaned them as good as i could, and tightened up some of the terminals that were a little loose. put dielectric grease on them and it seems to have solved the problem.

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