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    How often / How much you spend on tools?

    I've spent about 1500 bucks this year. Bought a couple of big ticket items. Got a couple more things to buy this year. New welding bottle, small milling machine and tooling for it.

    so what about you guys??

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    Buy what I need when I need it

    Tools are like ladies that are fashion queens, they can break you fast if you buy every cool knicknak that crosses your desk in a northern tool catalog.

    While you can't have too many different shapes and sizes of 10mm wrenches and sockets, I leave bigger ticket items till I need em.

    Just bought an SBT alignment tool as I needed to up my game on engine swaps and driveline work (roll the dice by eyeballing it enough times and you will eventaully crap out and have a lawsuit).

    Same thing with my new gantry..could muscle a 787 engine in by hand, but to pull a kaw 1100 triple, I needed bigger iron.

    luckily my mentor in the early 80's impressed on me the need for quality stuff..I STILL have most of my snapon tools from those days and it rings true here that you get what you pay for.

    I've got a snapon screwdriver that can but any carb screw without resorting to a hammer..and over 20 years's still on the job.

    I'd suggest a set of those and also the offset box end wrenches.

    Harbor frieght is ok for truckbox tools, but you can't beat the feel of a 10mm snapon offset box on a sterring nozzle bolt.

    I've had to buy more seadoo specialty tools as time has gone on, but i don't buy nothing till I need it, can't tie up all my cash in a neat set of tools.

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    Spent way, way too much on the Snap-On truck. Just got that shit paid off about 2 years ago. I try to stay away from that truck now. Costs me too much money to get on it!!

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