Thought I'd share my good fortune with you all.

My gas strut decided to sieze on me a few weeks ago after months of being a bit stiff.
I wrenched the hood open & ended up ripping the hood off the hinge!
After some heat welding & some ABS cement, it's ok now, but I needed a gas strut to complete the job.

I contacted the Dealer & had to sit down when he told me the price of a new one, over £100! I'm sorry, but for a gas strut for the hood, which to be honest is a 'nice to have' piece of kit, that was excessive.

I've just been in touch with a company called SGS Engineering who make gas struts for a variety of applications.
I gave them the sizes (6 x 15mm, 85mm body & 2" stroke) but they don't do a strut that size.
However, they DO do a strut which is 6 x 15mm with an 80 mm body & a 40 mm stroke. It's in mild steel, same as the original, but is an absolute bargain at just £18.95.

I've gone for a 50Nm pressure, but they will increase the pressure free of charge (only cost is carriage) if it's not enough.

Thought I'd share this with you in case anyone is looking for a new strut.
Their phone number is +44 (0)1332 298126 if you need it.