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    I screwed up big

    When I connected my battery on my 2002 sportster le I reversed the cables. The bilge pump and fan worked fine. When I tried to start the boat I had nothing. Checked fuses and one was blown. When I chanced it it immediately blew. Put in a larger amp fuse which did not blow. Now I have no power to anything. Battery checks ok. Any sugestions or have I fried the whole electrical system?

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    Sportster LE 2002-- problems?

    I can help.

    I dropped you a pm.


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    First off Welcome to Greenhulk. It sounds like you fried your ECU. You may want to take it to your local dealer so they can check it out are find another ECU.

    Sorry I thought this was a 4Tec motor. Thats why I said ECU. Just take it to your dealer.

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