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    Must go faster!!

    HELLO FELLOW WATERBUGS, I am wondering how difficult it is to replace my prop with an aftermarket one with more pitch. what has to come off to do this.

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    Very easy. Someone has directions. It's not more than 8 bolts. DO NOT use power tools. In some cases you are putting bolts into aluminum. Good luck.

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    Make sure your engine can handle the extra load from a more pitched don't want to bring your rpms down to low on top end.

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    Are we talking about an MSX 150?

    Has anything been done to boost engine power?

    Removing the jet pump is fairly easy. Remove the four LONG bolts, and undo the attachments for reverse, steering, and bilge siphon hoses from the back of the pump.

    The pump is modular, made up of several sections.

    Then wiggle the jet pump body off, mostly pulling straight back. They often stick, so it can take some working back and forth to get it to let go. When it does, be ready for it. Sometimes you need to use a 2x4 down the side of the pump to lever it left-right. Just don't force it too far out of line.

    Removing the impeller requires a spline tool to unscrew the impeller from the stub shaft. Have a look in the service manual for more details.

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