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    Angry 03' GTX-SC engine overheat?

    I have been trying to find the problem with this ski for the last two weaks. The exhaust manifold and pipe stay nice and cool but the block gets too hot and the check engine warning will appear afte a few min ride time.

    I have pulled the water pump housing and checked to see if the ride place hoses were cloged or the oil cooler water lines both were clear. After that I purchased a new water pump housing from SD and refilled and blead the system of air from the ride plate screw. Still does the same thing.

    The water pump impeller was like new and when you remove the upper rear hose from the engine and start it for a second it shoots out a lot water. The ride plate is warm when you feel it after running and the catch bottle stays full.

    Is there anything else to check to solve this?

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    Could be a blow head gasket.

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    Maybe thormosata problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by ad_gpr View Post
    Maybe thormosata problem
    He said he replaced it.

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    Talking with some friends at the local SD shop i think I may have found the problem.

    #1 the 4-tec engines run a lot hotter than I am used to working on two strokes for the last fifteen years.

    #2 the connector on the very front of the engine will go onto that sensor both directions. It is a two wire plug but only one wire connects to the sensor.

    #3 I ran the ski with the cap off the cooling tank for five min a 3K.

    After that it has ran fine so far but I have not been over 5K since it is a new engine. Time will tell.

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