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Thread: jettin 2000 SLX

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    jettin 2000 SLX

    I put a set of V force 2 reeds on and it runs great maybe to great the plugs are a little to clean nearly white. has any body re jet for these reeds? should I go 1 size up on every jet? or just the mains? any help would be awsome. another problem driveing me crazy is I have to unplug and replug the computer to get spark almost every time I start it I cleaned the plug several times. is it reseting something? thanks

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    Sounds like you need to perform Service Bulletin PWC-00-05, which changes the Red/Purple power wire to the CDI to connect instead to the Orange switched connection.

    This change corrects a warm engine no-restart condition.

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    don't know anybody who had to rejet for v-force reeds only.gaskets on the reed blocks???both sides???all intake bolts installed and run up finger tight before any where tightened???all grey fuel line replaced???internal carb screens clean of any foreign matter??these are all must do's.

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    How new of plugs? It takes a little while to accurately read new plugs. They do look lean when you first put them in and try to read them shortly after. Like Tx said, i've never heard of anyone re-jetting for reeds only.

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