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    1994 Yamaha Waverunner 3

    The only way it will start is on started fluid to the carbs then it will die when it burns it off. I changed the fuel filter because it was nasty. I cranked it a few more times on the starter fluid then noticed there is no gas in the filter or in the lines anywhere near the filter. Why is there no gas and what may be wrong.


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    check you lines for cracks pull the big grommets at the tank and check that the filters are there below the fuel level.. check that your gate valve is in the correct position and not off,blow thru lines and verify correct hook up and actual flow.. check your pulse line at the carb if a single and the fuel pumps internal or external if equipped, look for a disconnect and or crack in the pulse line.. you may need to rebuild the carb ('s) if the pump diaphram's or needle diaphram's are cracked .. this may also have an external pump ,check for thos same above ( not sure on this model)

    its good that it starts with a pour in, your more than half way to the prob..
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    I used a air hose to blow through the lines to make sure the were free of anything and to check the connectoins. Everything was good. I also used the air hose to pressure the gas tank. This got fuel in the lines and to the carb. It seems now to be pulling fulel like normal. Maybe that was it.

    Thanks again

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    Yeah, they do need some pressure to work correctly...

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