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    Need help with my Aquatrax Plz!

    I have an 02 Aquatrax(non-turbo) that no longer will hit its top speed. The grate is free from debry, and the engine does not sound like its struggling but it wont go faster than 38 mph. It was running fine then my sister took out on freshwater and thats when the problem started.What could be causing something like this?

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    Put in 4 fresh new spark plugs and report back.


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    Does it throw any codes (FI) or other?
    What RPM will it get up to?

    (Nitro is the local expert, BTW)

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    If the engine isn't struggling as you say and you reach normal rpms, then check the impeller, it may be damaged (bent up, nicked, worn out, etc).

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    38 MPH sounds close to limit mode kicking in. Did your sister set it inadvertently?

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    BlueDiver.. any word back? what have you tried


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