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Thread: A Deal or No?

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    A Deal or No?

    I got offered 5,000 trade in for my 04 RXP (50 HRS) on a new 08 RXP-X (10,800) , 5 year warranty included. I keep my trailer. Seems like a decent deal, what are your thoughts?

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    Sure seems like it.

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    Thanks, I have to make the decision tomorrow because the promotions change on the 31st. Dealer will not disclose the next promotion.

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    That appears to be a very fair deal with the dealer simply looking to push a unit. I say go for it. I love my X-boats.

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    sounds like a GREAT deal and I'm a cheap bastige.

    Tell him to throw in changing out the sc washers to riva for you and you'll take it. If you trust his mechanics.

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    Unless you really like the styling of the X boat, why not keep your rxp and put an x-charger and an external intercooler or even Rude1 on it. Youll be going faster for less money. 50hrs is low.. Id keep it. The RXP is a proven faster hull.

    Just my .02

    I wont agrue with a 5-year warranty however.

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    I didn't make the trade today. Something kept holding me off. The dealers will not tell you of the upcoming promotions so we will have to wait and see what next months deals are. I called around today and could not beat the deal. I do know however that four dealers within 100 miles still have two or more left over units. I guess I rolled the dice, we will see what happens. Thanks for all your responses to my post.

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