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    any 1 heard anything (hull reinforcement)

    i havent been out in over a month after risking the pump tunnel anyone know if they will ever freakin return lol everyone says next week..any word? thanks anything appreciated


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    just do it

    later cd

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    go buy some carbon fiber R&D saying 3-4 weeks

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    Forget R&D

    They told me "Next week" for a month and a half. My bud ordered the carbon fiber off of ebay and we filled everything and laid four layers in less than 3 hours of work (Had to let the marine tex dry over night of course where we filled the holes. Total cost may have been 40 to 50 bucks and anyone can do it. Get the template from RX951 and do it yourself. It was cake

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    Get the template from RX951 and do it yourself. It was cake
    I'm glad it worked out great for you !

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