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    looking at a 95 SL750

    my son is looking at a 95 SL750 that is for sale. Took it for a wet run tonight. It had some trouble idling without a little throttle, also it had hesitation, and died at initial WOT, had to get it going slowly before punching it. what are we dealing with here and what should we be looking for? whats this thing really worth? thanks

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    Click here for the Polaris Service Manuals.

    And click here for common issues with the Fuji engined Polaris models.

    Where are you located?

    When buying any PWC, it is important to check the machine over very carefully, especially the engine.

    These high power 2-stroke engines do not tolerate being run with dirty carbs, weak fuel pumps, or anything else that reduces fuel delivery to the engine.

    Click here for a Basic Introduction to buying a PWC (document link is near the bottom of the page).

    Generally speaking, if the cylinder compression is good, and within 5% difference across all three cylinders, and there is no suspicion or evidence that the engine has had water sitting in it, then there is a reasonable chance the engine is OK.

    If you can remove the spark plugs and inspect the piston tops through the hole, that can often tell you whether there is trouble brewing in the carbs. There is a specific piston wash pattern that indicates things are OK.

    However, it is highly recommended that you take the carburetors off, take them apart, and clean and rebuild them. Do this before you run it for more than a few seconds at high throttle levels. A lean condition in any one of the three carbs can put a hole right through a piston in short order.

    I will let others comment on how much it might be worth.

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    More than likely the fuel system needs attention. Could run about $180 to upgrade all the old stuff, but should be good from there, Aside from any unforseen damage.

    With a trailer in GC should be around $1200

    Without a trailer, maybe $800

    You may be able to get the ski cheaper if you talk him down because of the hesitation and stalling issue.

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