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Thread: Beginner ski

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    Beginner ski

    I'm looking for a 3 seat PWC suitable for a family. I have ridden 2 or 3 times before, but my wife and kids haven't. I want a stable PWC that's able to tow a tube. I was originally looking used, but found what I think is a good deal on a leftover 08 Kawa STX-15f for $5899 new from an authorized dealer. I'm a big guy 290 or so. My main requirements are; reliable stable (read easy to ride *Think beginner wife*) inexpensive (relative term I know) So is the 15f reliable and easy to ride? The $5899 seems like a pretty killer deal. I don't really care about top speed or on the edge handling.

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    That does sound like a good deal. My first ski was a yamaha VX Cruiser. There stable and reliable and i thought it was a great first ski for a family.

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    Another vote for the Yamaha VX!

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    As for price, I can't see you beeting the deal on the 15f. This ski is extremely reliable and is very family friendly. The best part is that once you get the mod bug, and you will get it, you can put $1200 into it and have a very quick and reliable 67 mph ski.
    If you want to get into skis, this would be the one to start with.

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    Do the Kawi's come with a learning key like the SeaDoo's? I think that'd be very useful considering your concerned about your wife's driving skills. It may help.

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    welcome to the forum!

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    Yes, They have the SLO mode. Its a great ski at a great price, youll love it

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    Great deal on the 15F... still a very quick ski too, with a good amount of power.

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    Either a vx or a Seadoo GTI. Buy a 4-stroke.

    I remember seeing several GTIs cheap on ebay that were only a season or two old with low hours.

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    Just a follow up. Went with the 15F. There was nothing new even close in price and I have read good things about it. Took it out this past sunday to Lake Pleasant in Phoenix. Had a good time, but it's hard to restrain myself while breaking it in. Rides great. Lots of fun!!

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