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    slt 750 parts on ebay

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    your links are not working, kind like mine now and days cant figure it out.. Cya Slick

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slick PWC View Post
    your links are not working, kind like mine now and days cant figure it out.. Cya Slick
    Don't be logged in when harvesting the eBay links.

    Search for your item number, then click View seller's other items. Hover over the text title for an item, right click, choose Copy Link Location. Now you can paste that URL into your Greenhulk posting.

    Hint; to check you have a good eBay link, open another browser (say, IE if you normally use Firefox), and paste the link into the other browser. The other browser should not be logged into eBay. If your item appears correctly, then the link is good.

    Should work like this

    or this


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    Thanks will try that next time, never had a problem before then all of a sudden nothing works.. Cya Slick

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