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    In this motor toast or not? GTX 2002 4Tec

    I bought this as a project boat, but not sure I wanted a complete motor teardown and rebuild (have never done one and not sure I have the time).

    It needed a starter, done.

    With a fully charges battery (13.1 on the meter), manifold on exhaust disconnected, it gives a couple of turn of the motor, a couple of bangs with black smoke and then some white smoke. Definitely not turning over at full speed and quickly killing the battery.

    Turns over without plug.

    With the plugs out, engine cold 150-140-140 compression.

    If I can not make progress, I will probably sell it off as to someone as a project. Any ideas?

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    I have been talking to Richard about this ski. Basically, the engine is not freely spinning the way it should with the plugs out and the pump off, so it sounds like a partial sieze. What is wierd is a partial sieze . What I have typically seen is they are either completely frozen or they tend to roll ok. Not to say that it cannot happen, it just doesn't seem very common. He also has a new battery.

    Has anyone seen the oil pumps screw get trashed and cause something like this? What he is really looking for is something other than splitting the cases........................

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    Bearing surfaces in/on the counter-balancer could be bad?

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    Question That would sound like a bottom end break down

    Anything else to try? Thoughts?

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    I would verify that the cam timing was correct and chain tensioner working properly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thompsdw View Post
    ... Has anyone seen the oil pumps screw get trashed and cause something like this?...
    I saw exactly that. An oil pump screw backed out, was beaten by the flywheel gears, then the smallest of pieces made their way through the pump and took out the bearings... and yes, it would still turn over slowly. Here is a link to the original thread (no pun intended):

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    Update - got the beast started

    with a charges battery and a jump pack I put the plugs in "hand tight" and I got it started. Tried again with the plugs in tight and it started.

    Drawing huge on the battery, thinking the next step is to cut and re-terminate at the battery, ground and starter.

    Boy these engine are loud in a garage without the mufflers installed!!!

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