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    Question 2001 gp1200r fishtailing

    Newbie here to your forum and i wanted to know if anyone can answer a wierd question. At low speeds,the back of my ski tends to swing back and forth. my xlt 1200 does not do this. Also, most right hand hard turns tend to cause my new sbt motor with rebuilt carbs to stumble like it runs out of fuel. Any imput would be appreciated.

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    The fuel thing might be the flapper at the pickup is warped and sticking... I believe on the fishtailing... You need an after market rideplate... I would also get an intake grate too

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    Welcome to GH !

    The GPR is known for the fishtail. My 01' does not do it but my 06' does...

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    It is known as chine walking and it occurs at low speed as your ski is beginning to lift on plane. I always look forward to it

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    oh, the lovely GPR chine-walk......shes just letting you know shes happy

    Usually you can snap the throttle and get her on plane to it'll go away....

    Ride her and enjoy that characteristic of the GPR hull.

    BTW, who rebuilt the carbs?
    Were they rejetted?
    Were the tamper caps taken off and replaced with T-handle adjusters?

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    I'm a mechanic working @ a local marina. i rebuilt the carbs using sbt specs but i think they're a little on the lean side. regret not putting in the t handles as i guess the pipe has to come off again for the low and hi adjustments. drag........

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