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    Inner crank seals?

    Been lurking a while but first time posting. I searched this question but I'm on and anyone that has used it understands it is powered by a gerbil and searches can take hours. I have a rotax 717 apart and it may need inner crank seals (crankcase full of oil). I have a full machine shop available. Is there a procedure to changing these and if not where do I send it to have it done.

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    The crank has to be seperated. It is a pressed together deal and the inner seals, bearings, and the rotary valve gear are captured. A press with the proper fittings you do one, but I think you need a jig to put it back together because the rod throws must be in "phase" (on the same line opposite one another).

    A number of places offer reman cranks. Some good, some not so much. I only use OE remans because the bearings are better, IMO. I have a source for mine, 947, but I do not think he does anything else.

    You may find someone who will pop it and change just the seals, but if it is old enough to need new inner seals and you have to go to all that trouble, why not put new bearings and such on it anyway. Get new outer seals too no matter what.

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