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    balancer shaft blowout

    Have been working on a 98 GTX efi limeted edition. It ran good for awhile on the lake then slowly would bog out and when shut off would not start. Tracked it down to a water leak in the exhaust which sprayed water into the hull. It was then sucked into the throttle body and was what caused it to die out. BUT, in the process of looking for the water leak, I discovered that the balancer shaft on the back side of the motor had sheared off and blew out part of the cases (the part that holds the balancer shaft in place).. lots of metal chunks under the motor. Now it was running pretty good until the water got in the intake, and the balancer shaft has been busted up for awhile. Has anyone run them without the shaft, is there anything that can fail later? the stator half of the shaft is still in place, but the gear on the crank on the pto side is toast. I really don't want to replace the cases and gears if I can get away with it.. and it ran pretty good without it until this water leak. Looking for some feedback and maybe someone else who has had the same problem. Thanks in advance, the hulk is the bomb.
    oh, PS its a SBT motor, but about 2 1/2 years old.

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    im pretty sure that balancer turns the exhaust opening or intake opening and then it will run really bad, maybe that happened at the same time. I had one that blew on me and it instantly made the ski die and not run.

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    The cases would need to be completely sealed or the engine wont run. It will also shake like a 717. I Have never seen anything good come from doing anything halfway.. You get to pay for putting an SBT motor now. 2 years aint so bad

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