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    Factory Pipe Ignition Question

    I just purchased a factory pipe ignition with no instructions, and two plugs that are looped. Fill me in what are the plugs for? And how do I select between race fuel and pump gas?



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    not sure if this is what you looking for, taken from the factory website they keep info on all there products on it!!!!!!!!!

    Factory Pipe
    Kawasaki STX-R/Ultra 150 Modified CDI Module
    Item # Qty. Part Number Part Description
    1 1 COMIGN0013 STX-R Ignition Module
    2 1 COMIGN0014 STX-R Air sensor bypass connector
    3 1 COMIGN0015 STX-R Pump gas/race gas connector
    This CDI module meets the same I.S.O. 9000 quality control standards as all the OEM manufacturers. This CDI module has the option of two timing curves, pump fuel (min. 92 octane) and race fuel. Both curves have the rev limiter set at 8400 rpm.

    pump fuel curve was developed by Factory Pipe for use with stock or aftermarket carburetors, intakes and reeds. The pump fuel curve is intended for stock compression only. Adding compression with this curve can cause detonation and severe engine damage.


    race fuel curve was developed by Kawasaki Factory Race Team. This curve has more timing in the mid range.

    Green Connector (item 2):
    Air Temp Sensor Bypass

    Plug this into the green connector which previously had the air temp sensor connected to it (left, rear side of the engine compartment). If there is no connector attached the timing will retard and cause poor engine performance.

    White Connector (item 3):

    Determines pump fuel or race fuel curve

    Race Fuel – Plug this into the white connector (right side of engine compartment, next to front cylinder) which previously had the water temp sensor attached coming from the stock pipe.

    Pump Fuel – No connector
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