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    VTS Trim Fuse Sensor No Move

    I searched.............

    Heading out for a quick ride, recent mods since last running are in the second section of my sig......

    So trim is at 3/4 up on gauge. No can move. Carfanatic told me to check fuse and he was correcta mundo.............went to Autozone bought more multiple fuses.........

    replaced 7.5, and blew 4 new fuses......fuses don't blow until I press the trim switch up or down......tried to move trim arm by hand no dice......even disconnected nozzle from arm and tried switch, guess blows the fuse.

    replaced with a 10 amp fuse, fuse doesn't blow but gauge reads 'sensor'.....

    put another 7.5 fuse in, I am going to the lake as is............I will press switch when it is warm and moving.........if it I need to pull the VTS motor? Can I wish it to get better?

    Any experience with this to share?

    BTW, just finished some mods and was so looking forward to this ride.........THIS BLOWS!!!!!!!

    also, if this VTS is a gonner, who has one to sell?

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    So Fuse Blew again

    I searched the OEM parts finder and CANNOT find the VTS System Part Number, does anyone know it?


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    had to look under parts for the 2004!!!!

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