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    rxp hull failure????

    in open deep water about 50 mph suddenly massive decelleration took place. the engine stalled and only for a fellow jet ski user attaching a rope quickly i think it would have sank!!!! when we winched the ski out onto trailer there was a massive piece of the hull missing,about the length of a leg!!! the polysterene and grey inner skin was exposed. Did i hit an object in the water?(i didnt feel a bang or significent impact only extreme slowing) or did the hull just give up ???? has anyone ever experienced this ? in 11 years of jetsking i have never been soo amazed and surprised at anything like this???

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    De-laminating... RX-P, unusual to be honest.

    Sounds not very nice, hope you get it sorted mate.

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    Search Delaminating and you'll read about several other members that tackled the same issue..

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    There was a notice sent out to dealers stating that some RXPs had fiberglass that was applied backwards and to avoid delamination, the skis should only be operated in reverse. None of the skis that were operated in only reverse ever delaminated... Ron

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