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    2005 RXP power loss

    Hello ! I have a 2005 RXP with 70 hours. While riding today at full throttle I noticed it slowed down from 69 to 50. No warning lights or beeps. Checked propulsion system but there doesnt appear to be anything obstructing. Runs ok just will not go over 50. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!!

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    Most probably the supercharger washers broke.Take off the hose to the supercharger, stick your fingers in the sc and if it spins freely the washers broke.A very common occurance...

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    Almost guaranteed it's the supercharger washers.

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    So if indeed it is the washers, then what ?

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    Then you will need to rebuild the supercharger (click supercharger rebuild link to the left)

    You will also need to remove your front oil pump. You will find most of the ceramic washer debris there trapped in the screen and you will see the oil pump is damaged and in need of replacement. As long as you didn't put too much time on the engine after the failure your rear oil pump should be fine.

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