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    1999 XL1200 Lost ALL Electrical Power

    I know electrical issue are not near as fun to diagnose as mechanical problems but I really need some ideas here.....

    Bought a non-running xl1200 last week. Would not turn over. Only get "Start" on display. Relay checked good so determined bad CDI since I was getting 12v from the start switch. Put in CDI from GPR and it fired up.

    Put on charger and left town for weekend. Got back this evening and prepared to take it on lake. Could not get it to do anything. When I press Start, nothing and nothing on display. Press Mode, same thing, nothing. Checked fuses, grounds, start switch, lanyard switch. Put old CDI box back in to see if I would at least get "start" on display. Still nothing. I have spent two hours going over every connection except the one at the stator (can't get to it) and I can't find anything wrong. Double checked to make sure I didn't pinch any wires, nothing.

    I am totally baffled on this one. I hate troubleshooting electrical about as much as I hate plumbing repairs!!!

    Anyone have any ideas?? Certainly appreciate any tips.

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    I had the same problem. I have a gp1200 with pretty much the same wiring. It ended up being the black and white wires that connect in the bunch of 4 or 5 near the front fuel tank. The wires were connected, but they were lose and it wouldn't do anything. I actually had to zip tie the connector tight so it would make contact. No problems since. This may not be it, but its a good place to start as it did it to my wife's ski also.

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    Turned out to be bad display

    Tips on another board led me to bypass the display and she fired right up. I guess leaving the battery on charge without disconnecting it fried the display. Tough lesson learned there....

    The bypass is simple. Disconnect the Red and Clear connectors under hood with Red and Brown wires. Plug the Red Male connector into the Clear Female connector and display bypassed.

    Now off to the classifieds forum.....

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