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    water in the crankcase

    Hey guys... I found that one of pistons is cracked, and with the help of you guys was led to suspect that it was hydrolocked. So i checked the crank index, and it actually seems fine. But when I removed the cylinder of the damaged piston (PTO cyl), I found that the crank case was half full of water... obviously bad. My question is this: I've never gotten into one of the engines before, but i'm not mechanical retarded (i'm a mech. engineer), so I'm thinking about just rebuilding the whole thing. I'm seeing a WSM piston kit from Parker Yamaha for $252 and a reman. crank for $245 on SBT. Each includes the necessary gaskets. Is there anything else I should count on needing? (I'm planning to have the cylinders bored .5mm while i'm at it)

    Oh, and I also have already bought the mikuni 3-outlet fuel pump and new fuel lines.

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    Which year and engine model?

    SBT crankshafts typically don't get a warm reception around here, despite the low price. Engine durability over time with SBT components has sometimes been an issue.

    There are a few better regarded crank shaft rebuilders.

    One is Jeff at Midwest crank shaft.
    Contact Jeff at 1-920-434-3630

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    Give Jeff at Midwest a call.

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    WSM pistons are good.

    Forget the SBT junk. You'll need to ship your crank to them IF it's deemed rebuildable, it's $245. Plus the shipping it both ways, you're closer to $350

    A quality crank rebuild will be close to that amount.

    Boring cyls is quite expensive. Anywhere from $50-70 a hole.

    So, just doing the quick math:

    Crank 350
    Pistons 250
    boring/hone 150

    Looking at 750.

    You might want to consider buying another engine or short block from someone like John Zigler and parting yours out. You'll get some $$$ back to put towards the new/used.

    Just a thought.

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