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    rear seals blowing out xl1200lmtd

    Ok well the ski is a 99 xl1200 limited with the 1200 pv motor. I rebuilt it last season and it ran good all season and at the end the two rear seals in the bottom end blew out. Well I put fresh seals in it and wen out today for the first time and it ran mint for an hour then they blew out again...
    Im curious what can cause this.. improperly tuned carbs? can excessive piston to wall cause this cause they seemed a bit loose and I was hearing some chatter. I understand these cylinders cant be bore due to the plating... what does it caost to resleeve all three cylinders or are there any other options?

    sorry for all the questions im just lost, never had this happen before and Ive built plenty of motors. any input greatly appreciated.

    no major mods, just d plate and carbon tech reeds

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    Not sure what is causing your problem, could be the rear crank bearing. Or the sealing sirface on the crank is worn or pitted. Did you lube the seals well when you installed?

    As for your other question the cylinders can be replated or bored larger and replated. did you check the cylinder to piston clearance when you did the crank seal?

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    did lube the seals, with grease. and un fortunately failed to check the clearance will be doing it shortly thanks.

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