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Thread: 03 f12 no start

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    03 f12 no start

    I have a f12 with 75 hours on it. Last weekend i rode her, the battery was weak. I tried to take it out today with a new battery and nothing happened. Any Help, Ideas?

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    1) Trickle or auto charge battery.
    2) Double check connections - any corrosion showing?
    3) Verify battery polarity

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    Also check the fuses located in the back of the ski, if nothing is happening then it could be the main fuse, then follow the cables and check for the main ground that should be by the starter and also the computer has a ground that should be a green wire in the wiring harness connected to the cylinder head. Let us know how it goes so we can assist further if needed.

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    I havn't checked the main ground or comp ground yet but i will let you know thanks.

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