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    Question Oil Block off plate

    I have yet to determine, but i am thinking i may have had a clogged oil line or something, that being the reason my waverunner blew the crankshaft and rod this weekend.

    Can i install an oil block off plate on my gp800? If so, what all do i need to do? Will it affect the brain in any way (sensors that should have worked the first time)?

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    Install the block off plate,I tied oil pump to steering cable,or remove and block off lines.The only sensor is for oil level.You can remove sensor and zip tie floats in up position and install back in tank,or just leave enough oil in tank that it doesn't beep.I have an 01 xl800,my muffler recently sprung a water leak and was squirting water straight in carbs(not good).I felt in running funny and think I caught it before any damage was done(hopefully).This could ruin bearings and cylinders pretty quick.

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