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    Remove WGS for manual boost controller

    Adding a boost gauge/pod this week after tripping over code "25" all weekend. I suspect the wastegate solenoid (WGS).
    I see problems all over the place with this little bugger - I had to spend almost $80 on it and have the same reliability issue... Is a manual boost controller a better options (set to OEM peak of course)? How much variation in psi am I going to run into due to air temp variation?

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    The only time I have to readjust mine is if I lower it for my kids to ride and set it back to 16 PSI for me. Mine stays set without constant readjustments. I would try to get the mini needle type regulator like Jim sells and not a bleeder.

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    If you are running in to problems with the wastegate solenoid, it might not be the problem, the way it works is that it remains open when the ski is running, and once the ski reaches max boost it shuts and opens the wastegate all the way open so that it will not over boost, one thing you need to do is try to move the wastegate arm and see if it moves freely, if it is hooked up to the wastgate it will have tension from the spring, you can disconnect it and the arm on the exhaust housing should move freely if not then you have corrosion in the sleeve going down to the door, and that would either cause no power if the door is stuck open or if closed cause over boost and start throwing codes. This can be fixed, but you will not find any dealers to do it. Let us know what happens.

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    I'm pretty familiar with turbos and EFI - but these Honda skis are new to me.
    I've tested both the WGA and WGS. The WGS "sputters/dithers" but does leak air when running (as it should) and holds air when off.

    The WGA moves when subjected to boost.. Right now I don't have a highly accurate boost gauge so I'm going to install one. The WGA isn't corroded and the wastgate arm itself looks good.. I'll test it with 8psi and see if I'm getting 3/8 of a (starting to open).

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    My wga was bad and would open completely @ 6-7 psi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spatera View Post
    My wga was bad and would open completely @ 6-7 psi.
    The problem I'm having is the opposite. My performance is great, but I'm running into code "25" - knock sensor. One reason I might be hitting this is due the WGS not closing frequently enough to provide pressure to the WGA.

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    Or it could be the knock sensor going bad. Check to make sure it is tight and the connector is tight also.

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