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    Supercharger differances

    Can anyone tell me the physical differences between on "X" supercharger and a standard supercharger. I picked up an "New 08 Supercharger" and noticed the oil hole on the shaft and count 13 fins on the blade.Gold metal clutch washers.

    Just wondering if I got a hold of an X charger or standard?


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    Jon, check out this post by Armin from PPG:

    It seems that the '09 IS SC is what they're selling. I count 8 blades on the inlet.

    Welcome to the forum... Ron

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    the x charger has a diameter of 137mm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brendus View Post
    the x charger has a diameter of 147mm.
    no, x chareger its 137mm, rude, 2rude, and et chargers are 140mm

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