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    hull repair help

    Help! I had a minor ski to ski impact. Front of hull has slight damage, it doesn't flex or appear weak in any way. I'm hoping to sand it smooth apply epoxy/smc repair or other to get me thru season. I guess what I'm worried about is water infiltration between layers. Is there a good kit for hull repair available?
    At end of season I was going to disassemble ski and get it resprayed does an 02 need pump tunnel reinforcement also?

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    02 need pump tunnel reinforcement also?
    yes,...all of them.... as more modifications are applied beyond "stock", that tunnel needs to be reinforced. Especially speeds above 70 mph. the faster you go, the more pressure there is in that tunnel.

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    dont use fiberglass resin...use epoxy resin....the fiberglass resin wont stick to smc hull......and rx951 has the carbon fiber fix template posted in the how to do section

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