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    need some advice

    ok i need some advice so at the end of last summer i had my speedster 150 winterized at my local dealer. now its nice enough to hit the water and i decide to get it ready for the h2o myself and flush the antifreeze out that the dealer put in for the winter. so i hook it up to the hose and start to flush i put a blue kiddy pool out to catch the antifreeze but only clear h2o came out. now this was my first winter with the boat, but my ? is how much antifreeze gets put in enough to see when you flush it out? Should of i seen some antifreeze come out ? and does this mean my local dealer screwed me on my winterize service . any thoughts on what i should do

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    Yes you defiantly should have seen some anti-freeze mixed in with the water that came out of the jet-pump.

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    you most likely got screwed ,I'm even afraid to leave my boat for an oil change, I worked at a dealer ship for chevy and I saw so much ,learn to do it yourself or find a good shop in your area from feedback on this is forum. goodluck

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    ya i know i got screwed. got to love shitty dealers like Colman power sports in va

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    Check out this thread on the way I winterize my 4-tec using anti-freeze/water mixture and using a bilge pump to pump it into the exhaust system while the engine is running--->

    You and a friend can do this and save yourself some money and no that it was winterized properly.

    Just make sure the engine is running before you pump the anti-freeze into the flush port using a bilge pump

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    Wait there is also the possibility that you dealer simply blown all the water out of it, i have seen some doing so up north here, they simply blow everything out with compressed air.....or maybe he used some clear glycol to winterize it.

    I personally use Green pure non diluted (no premix) automotive grade antifreeze, and i pump it through the runing engine with the bilge pump set-up. So when i start it in spring i usually see some green stuff coming out for the first seconds, then it switch to clearer water.

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