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    95 sl 750 carb rebuild question

    I'm installing the triple outlet pump and rebuilding the carbs on my ski (everything stock) and after disassembly, i must say the carbs look pretty good considering the age of the machine. My question is, should I replace everything including needle and seats, jets etc? Two pilot jets were clogged up, I'm thinking maybe a good idea to replace all jets instead of cleaning? If I replace jets should I just keep the same sizes? Also, what do you use when capping off the fuel outlets on the pump install? The reason for the work was very poor power out of the hole, ran fine on top of the water. I'm hoping the clogged jets might be responsible.

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    Welcome to the hulk..

    Do your self a favor and replace all the parts your carbs will love you for it. Also being stranded on the water is not fun..Spen a little now or a lot later.. A good quality fuel injection cap works good. I like to pull the nipple out and tap it 1/16 NPT and install hard plugs.

    The jets will be fine if they are not corroded.

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    New needles/seats and rebuild kits would last you for years. Well worth it.

    Also replace the fuel hoses and clean the petcock.

    A hard plug would be great, but most use rubber caps from an auto parts store. Make sure to zip tie them also. You don't want any air leaking IN to the fuel, as well as fuel leaking out and into the hull.

    Just clean the jets. Blow out all passages with compressed air.

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    Thanks for all the advice. I'm looking forward to getting back on the water and staying there.

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