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    06 RXP wont start?

    At first i just got a low clicking noise. Now "nothing" when I hit the start button. I have been reading threads about starters.

    Whats the best route to troubleshoot this issue?
    Could be a dead start button?
    What do I check from here?
    Best way to check relays? Grounds?

    I may have corrosion on the grounds.....

    Thanks gang!! Help!!

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    wow, thought I would give it a go this morning before I called the shop, and IT STARTED!

    That makes me think its a ground? Or a bad start button. Any Ideas??

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    While I wouldn't consider myself an expert, by bet is it's a starter relay.

    I has one fail on my '97 XP and it had the exact same symptoms - sometimes it would work, other times it wouldn't.

    On my XP, the part was so cheap and easy to replace I didn't even do a diagnosis. I just replaced the part and got lucky.

    Hopefully someone with more knowledge will chime in, but since no one responded to your thread I thought I'd share my experience.

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    Thanks for the starter relay suggestion.

    Any more out there?

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    I picked up a relay and will install tonight. Will also check grounds.

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