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    Question some basic questions 1050 and 780.....

    So, I have a couple of Polaris skis. Haven't posted in a long while, though I have spent my share of hours lurking. This is hands down the best PWC group on the net.

    Anyhow...two questions:

    1) I have a 1050 SLX (1997?) that I managed to toast the motor on last year. Actually the previous owner did most of the toasting I think, I just finished her off. Replaced the engine this winter, cleaned and rebuilt carbs, went to premix, basically did a whole bunch of other stuff over the winter to get thing up and running for the spring. Runs / starts / stops fine, just seems a little sluggish out of the hole. Fine top end, fine acceleration at midrange, no miss at idle or under power, just a little sluggish getting up on plane. Not a big deal, but wanted advice on tuning or investigating ways to improve things. The new motor has a grand total of 5 hours (reasonably light riding) on it. Where should I start? Pull heads and check wash? re-adjust carbs? Basically I set everything to the Polaris service manual settings when I reassembled everything. Advice?

    2) 1996? 780SLT. Runs, drives, stops, starts, idles just fine. No current problems on it. Can I pull the heads to check piston wash on it without replacing gaskets? Or do they have to be replaced after this? Any sealant recommended with re-assembly if I re-use the existing gaskets? Should I even check things since everything is performing fine?

    Thanks in advance for any advice!!
    KC in Georgia.

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    Hey KC, you don't need to pull the heads to check the wash. You can pick up a flexable flash light at Home Depot or a hardware store (circa $8.00) that will fit through the spark plug hole to see the tops of the pistons. You just need the piston at bdc to see the whole dome.
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    OK, will try to get a light tomorrow or the next day to check things out.

    Regardless, is that where I should start with both? Should I even look at the 780, since there are no problems, and have not been any problems? If it aint broken, should I even see if it needs fixin'?
    I will look at the wash on the 1050. $1000.00 dollar parts outlays tend to make you a little more in tune with maintenance!


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    I don't know much about the 1050, so i can't comment.

    But on the 780, it never hurts to see a potential problem before it becomes one. Check wash periodically. Especially after a long winters nap when fuel passages can become clogged.

    That little $8 light can save you $300 in just 5 mins of work.

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