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    2002 GTX 4TEC drive shaft problems

    I recently got a 2002 GTX 4tec and took it out the other day. After riding around slowly for a bit I went full throttle and the jetski jerked forward and would not move so I turned it off and back on again. The jetski would go at a slow cruise but once i was close to the dock I tried to go full throttle again and it did the same thing. I took the pump off and noticed that the tip of the drive shaft had been grinded down by the impeller and it looked like only the tip of the shaft would go into the impeller when i put the pump back on and observed it without the impeller boot through the intake on the bottom. When I got the jetski the pump was off and it came with some spare parts, one of which was the old drive shaft because a new one had been put in. I took the new shaft out of the jetski and noticed the two shafts were different and that the old one was slightly longer. I have read they changed the part number for the new shaft and that it might not fit in the 2002 gtx only the old one will. I am wondering what is going wrong to make it so the shaft is too short too fit fully into the impeller. The bumper on the end of the shaft was also shredded off but i am not sure how much that actually matters because it does not seem like it would change the distance the shaft was in the impeller very much.
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    they look very diferent do you have the two parts #

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    Well The 2 shafts came with the jetski. The new one was already installed. And the other was just in a box of parts. But I saw no part numbers but you can tell they are different.

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    yea I believe the old shaft is a 272000185 but they later changed it to a 271001449 as a replacement part which I think is the new shaft I have but I am not 100% it fits the 2002 I think it is just 2003+.

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    Wow!!! Dident know stainless teel could rust that bad. Can you say FLUSH!!

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    Yea it is rusted so bad i cant even put it fully into the machine to test the old shaft out.

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    If you find that a 2005 185 HP driveshaft will fit, I have one. --J

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    I had an 02' GTX that the drive shaft was badly corroded in like yours. It also threw a chain, so I had to do a complete engine tear down. What I found was alarming. The thrust washers in the engine had been worn out from axial thrust from the pump. I too noticed that the drive shaft was longer. I put an '05 drive shaft in it after rebuilding the engine.

    Bottom line, the new shaft is shorter. I believe on my 02, the shaft length was putting axial thrust on the engine. You can compensate some in alignment because the engine can move forward and aft some. My crude test was to pull the grate after I put the pump on and see if there was any shaft movement. There was not.

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    yea i noticed it has shredded the stop bumper on the end of both the shafts i have too. How hard was it to align the engine back some?

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    I ordered the stop plug for the end of my shaft the other day, can somone tell me how much of a difference they actually make?

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