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    2000 yama 1200r starter issues!!! please read and help me lol

    Ok i picked up this ski from a good friend and he said that the starter was bad . When i hit the button it sounds like the starter is working fine but no engaging ... i removed the starter rather quickly and took it apart and doesn't seem to have any problems .. put it back in and doin the same thing , i have been reading i see starter just spins into a "bendix " (which is located inside the "bellhousing " ) is there anyway to get that bendix out without pulling the engine . I got the exhaust all the way off tonight .. Maybe i have a faulty starter? any help would be greatly appericated . Thanks ALOT in advance...

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    Welcome to GH. Remove the + battery cable from the battery and spark plug wires.Remove stinger and 'U' section of pipe. Remove the 2 12mm motor mount bolts in front.The motor mounts in front are also part of the stator cover.Pull the ride plate off and remove the pump.This will give the slack you need in the intermediate shaft so you can lift the front of the engine to remove stator cover.Get a mirror and light to get all the bolts off the stator cover.The bendix will pull out by hand.Be careful,there is a washer-spring-washer in the stator cover that the bendix shaft goes into.Make sure they are greased up and have not fell out.Now is the time to inspect the flywheel and flywheel bolt for proper torque.Install new bendix,and re- assemble.Leave the pump out for now,install battery cable and test the starter. Then put the pump, plate, and pipe back on. Put the spark plug wires back on and start it.

    Its almost easier to pull the motor but ive done keyway changes 1/2 dozen times while the motor was in the ski.

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